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So, you want to share your moStory at momondays? Awesome!

Fill out the momondays Speaker Application below and click the 'submit' button; a copy of your form will go to you and to the host of the momondays you are speaking at.

Please note that submitting a momondays Speaker Application does not guarantee you a slot. Your submission will be reviewed and when it is accepted, we'll ask you to fill out a momondays Speaker Agreement. Then, you're all set! We do our best to balance the line-up on any given night based on things such as story theme, speaker experience level, and performance style.

We're going to ask you to give us a brief description of your moStory. WRITE OUT YOUR DESCRIPTIONS SEPARATELY BEFORE ENTERING IT HERE. If the form malfunctions (Imagine! A computer malfunctioning!) the info you send will be lost. Likewise, if you don't get an email acknowledgment for your submission within a day or so, or have any issues with the form, email and let us know!
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In 2 sentences, describe the story you wish to share. *
Be as specific as possible about the actual story. What happened and what impact did it have?
What is the main 'lesson' you learned from your story, that you will share with the audience? *
This should be a universal lesson or insight that others can identify with.
Which of the following would you use to describe your moStory — select a maximum of three: *
What is the MINIMUM number of people you commit to bringing out with you? *
momondays does not charge speakers for stage time and we go out of our way to promote our speakers and performers as much as possible through social media. But, we can’t do it alone. We also rely on you, the speaker, to spread the word as much as you can and bring people to the show. Frankly, it’s the best way to guarantee a packed house — which means a better experience not only for the audience; it means a better experience for you, and a bigger opportunity for you to have a positive impact with your message on more people. With that in mind, how many people do you commit to bring with you on the evening of your momondays performance? Please note that preference will be given to speakers who reserve a table/group of 8 or more. This is very important.
Are you 'ready' to share your story? *
Before you answer this question, consider this. At momondays, we have a wide variety of stories -- some are deep and introspective while others are outright hilarious. But one thing is common amongst the best ones; the person sharing his or her story is definitely 'beyond' their story. They are no longer intensely affected by it, and they can look back on their experience and see the life lesson. They can even laugh about it, or at least some aspect of it. If you cannot do that, chances are that you are still 'in' your story... and not quite ready to share it publicly. With that in mind, please select the response that best reflects where you are at with your story.
Do you promise to work on your story and performance? *
At momondays, we showcase speakers and story-sharers of all levels, from first-timers to veterans of the stage. At whatever stage you are, all we ask is that you take this opportunity seriously by working on your story, rehearsing it ahead of time, and doing your best.
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