Scholarship Application
Dear Parent:

This application is made for those who are facing financial difficulty, and are asking the school for assistance with their child(ren)s education.

Please complete this application to better facilitate the decision making process. All information provided will be used in the scholarship application process. Please provide a brief explanation as to why you require a scholarship. Also provide a proposed amount. You may request a full or partial scholarship, or a deduction on your monthly tuition. Let us know how you may need to be assisted.

Once submitted, this form will be discreetly reviewed and held to strict privacy by our review committee, which is comprised of our teachers, board chair and treasurer. If approved, you will be notified with the terms and must agree and sign before the scholarship will be awarded.

NCCP will keep a copy of the signed document for our records and a copy will be made available to you upon request.

Any changes to your bill will start the following month, after scholarship terms have been accepted.

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