Safe Sanctuary Review 2019
Each year, all persons who work with children and youth must complete a review of our safe sanctuary policy. Please take a few minutes to review our safe sanctuary policy and then complete this review. You can find the safe sanctuary policy on our website here:

Please email if you have any questions.

As you take the quiz, it will automatically tell you the correct answer. Please be assured that if your answer comes up as incorrect, but it was simply an issue of spelling, capitalization or punctuation, you are absolutely fine...please consider the question correct. You will get a random number score at the end. The number means absolutely nothing :)

A few important notes I want to be sure to remind you of this year:

All ministry activities should occur in open view. Each room or space where ministry
activities/events occur must be open to public view. It is important we are mindful that rooms are open and that windows aren't blocked in our meeting rooms, this is especially important to consider when we decorate for events.

At no time will any safe sanctuary approved workers be permitted to be alone with a child or
youth in an isolated situation. We've found one time when we need to really be aware of this is when we have a roamer scheduled and only one child shows up for an activity. In this situation, we need to either have the roamer stay in the room as the second adult or have the parent/guardian return.

Our arrival and dismissal policy was changed this year to allow children under third grade to be picked up by older children who are providing transportation, when a parent or guardian is not on the property. It also now allows children in 4th grade and older to walk home, given expressed permission from parents.

What is your first and last name? *
Any worker (whether clergy or laity, paid or unpaid) involved in CUMC ministries is considered a mandated reporter. Reasonable cause to suspect abuse can occur: (select all that would apply) *
300 points
The mandated reporter observing the behavior or receiving the allegation/disclosure must immediately file the report with the Pennsylvania Child Abuse Hotline (24/7 service) at what phone number? *
100 points
When can a sibling pick up a child under third grade from a ministry event/activity? *
50 points
Regardless of the group size, a minimum of how many adults is required to be present at all times during all church-sponsored programs, events, or ministries involving children/youth? *
100 points
If you find that despite planning, it looks like you could be in a situation where you would be alone without a second adult or roamer present, what is something you could do to be compliant with the policy? *
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