Cougar Alumni Band Homecoming Registration
Come join the Cougar Alumni Band in Pullman on October 9th as the Cougs take on Oregon State! This year, the Cougar Alumni Band will sit in the same section as the Cougar Marching Band in the Crimzone! Bring your horn and join us on the field for pregame and to play with us in the stands! We also get to mix in and play with the CMB! You can also participate in the day's festivities without playing!

Time is TBD. We will rehearse 6 hours before kick off with the CMB in Martin Stadium. We will also have our annual meeting in Kimbrough after rehearsal. Alumni are also able to eat lunch with the CMB for $10.

We encourage folks to go to and sign up for our email listserv and become a dues paying member of the alumni band! Dues are $20/year for individuals and $30/year for families. Membership is open to anyone, even if they didn't march in the CMB!

Tickets will be $40. Please click this link to order tickets:

There will be seating in the rows next to the band for those that do not wish to play with the CMB.

Also, folks can commit to just playing with us for pregame if they do not wish to stay with us throughout the entire game!
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