TheRussianTiger Event Sponsorship (Application)
This sponsorship is designed to support dance events, mainly battles, showcases, and workshops but not limited to those. Event must have popping battles, showcase, workshop, or lessons. Priority is given to 1st year events. Established events are also supported based on need. (Breakin events that also feature popping battles are considered.)

<b>Award Details:</b>
- Award Amount: $250 USD
- Number of award given out per year: 2
- Application deadline: Jan 30th 2013
- Decision: Feb 10th 2013

<b>Application Summary:</b>
- Fill out information about you, the organizer.
- Provide details about your event
- Detail what the money will be used for.
Type of Event:
Organiser's Name
Your Email Address:
Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year)
Organiser's Home Address (Street, City, Zip, Country)
Name of Event
Proposed Venue & Address of event?
Has this event happened before? Is yes, when & where?
Cost of attending:
Dance Styles included in your event:
Who is the main audience for the event:
Approx how many people are expected to attend:
Other potential sponsors:
What is your experience with Popping and organising events?
Please detail the event providing as much detail as possible:
In 2 paragraphs or less, please describe what the money in the sponsorship would be used for and how this event benefits your community?
This sponsorship is for a maximum of $250 payable directly to event expenses. It is mainly intended to help with the upfront costs of first-year events with the hopes that admission revenue from the first event will cover the upfront costs of the next event. This sponsorship will also support established recurring events. We ask that the organizers include TheRussinaTiger’s logo (to be provided) on promotional material and acknowledge the sponsorship at the event. The money will be paid directly to costs. The event must occur in 2013 and event many not restrict or charge for the use of spectator video cameras.
Simply click submit below to send your application. Please do not send it in parts, this entire page containing all your information must be submitted together. Applicants can be from any country, any age. No purchase necessary. If you have any questions please email:

DEADLINE is JAN 30th 2013, 11:59PM EST
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