Watson Arts Centre - Programming Survey
How often do you attend Watson Arts Centre (WAC) music concerts?
If your answer to #1 was occasional or sometimes, why do you not attend more often?
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If your answer to #1 was often or always, what is it that you enjoy about attending?
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What sort of musical acts would you be interested in seeing in the future?
What is the best way for us to advertise musical events at the WAC to reach you?
How far ahead should we advertise events so you can make a decision to attend or not?
Given that the fee for a musical act can be anywhere from $1500 - $4000, do you feel that the $29 ticket price is reasonable?
Please use this space to enter any additional comments. We want to hear your feedback so we can improve WAC programming.
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Please enter your name and either a cell # or email address for random draw for 2 free tickets to a WAC musical event of your choice. Draw date is Feb 28th.
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