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Book a beautiful, tailor made tour today! I custom design all graphics to match your books- making every tour unique and exciting! I have an awesome team of bloggers who will also share your tour on their sites so you get as many eyes as possible on your books.
You can choose a two week tour, or a month long tour- it's all up to you! The longer the tour runs, the more exposure it gets and gives my bloggers more chances to share it!
I love hosting series, so please feel free to list more than one book. I won't ask you to fill out a bunch of forms- this one form is all you have to do- I'll do all the rest of the legwork myself.

*A Giveaway is required on every tour! This gives incentive for people to stop by the tour!

The best thing of all- I won't charge you for the tour! Instead, I work off of tips- which means that you pay me what you want after the tour is over, depending on how happy you are with everything!
Get some major exposure for your books with a beautiful custom tour today!

Feel free to e-mail me at if you have any questions!

You can gaze at some of my custom previous tours here to get a feel for what they may look like:

*Note- I prefer to have at least a week or longer to plan tours, but CAN put together tours on short notice!

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Is there any particular date you'd like the tour to happen on? I'm great at coinciding with releases and special events!
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What prize(s) will be for the Giveaway? (Amazon gift cards, ebooks and swag are popular choices)Book sales do better if you do not offer the book as a prize since ppl will hold out on buying "just in case" they win, however you certainly CAN offer the book if you like!
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Do you understand that there is no charge up front for this tour, yet I expect to be compensated with cash, gift cards, swag or books for all my hard work? I spend hours on each tour preparing and promoting it!
Please email the following materials to so I can get everything set up!
*Hi-res cover pics for ALL the books (if you want to throw in any extra teasers ,that's fine too)
*Review copies in either pdf or mobi- NOT Amazon gift copies as I need to be able to pass on to reviewers!
*A few excerpts
Any other questions or comments? Feel free to email me at
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