ARA Online Appointment Request Form
Thank you for availing the services of ARA. To guide you in this service, please read the following guidelines:

1. The Research Paper Clinic with ARA is available to all bona fide students, faculty and staff of DLSU-D from Mondays to Saturdays between 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and will not exceed to one (1) hour consultation session.

2. Researcher shall accomplish and submit the ARA online appointment request form available at the AEA-IRC website.

3. An online request must be made a day before the intended appointment from Mondays to Saturdays except Sundays and Holidays.

4. One request will be accommodated per hour. The first registered request for a particular hour will be given priority.

5. Maximum of five (5) requests (individual or group) per day will be accommodated from Mondays to Fridays and a maximum of two (2) requests during Saturdays. A group shall have a maximum of five members.

6. The requestor is given a fifteen-minute graced period from the scheduled time. Failure to show up within the graced period, the ASC librarian has the right to cancel the reservation.

7. The consultation will proceed even when some of the members of the group fail to come.

8. Consultation session shall be held at the American Learning Resource Center (ALRC).

9. Feedback form shall be accomplished after each consultation session.

An automated reply with an information on your request will be sent to your email.
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