Yoga for Youth
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I hereby agree to the following:Participant is aware that participation in any program, including yoga and meditation, may result in serious injury, and Participant assumes the risk connected with the participation in yoga and/or meditation class and represents that Participant is in good health and suffers from no physical impairment which would limit his/her use of the First Presbyterian Church of Youngstown facilities. Participant is aware that yoga practice and/or specific poses are not recommended for individuals with certain conditions (i.e. cardiac illness, later stages of pregnancy, post-surgery). Participant acknowledges that yoga is not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment and that Peaceful Waters Yoga, its employees, and volunteers, have not and will not render any medical services including medical diagnosis of Participant’s physical condition.Participant specifically agrees that Peaceful Waters Yoga, its officers, employees, volunteers and agents shall not be liable for any claim, demand cause of action of any kind resulting from or related to Participant’s use of facilities or participation in any exercise activity within or without the premises, and participant agrees to hold the First Presbyterian Church of Youngstown harmless from same.I have read the above release and waiver of liability and fully understand its contents.I voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions stated above. Parent/Guardian please type name below.  This is your signature agreeing to the above terms.   *
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