UREC Staff Contract

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    Work Schedule, Supervision, and Expectations

    -I will be assigned a regular work schedule at the beginning of each semester and whenever updated throughout the semester. The professional staff must approve permanent changes to the schedule. -I am expected to maintain a professional manner while on duty. -I am expected to follow the same rules that I enforce with staff and patrons and to model appropriate behavior. -I may be given work assignments by professional staff/building manger, I will complete these assignments as directed. -It is my responsibility to have my FSU student ID with me at all times. -I will obtain a new FSU student ID within 2 business days of damaging or losing my ID. - I will use my FSU student ID to "punch in/out" at the beginning/end of each shift. I will record my time in/out on the time sheets in the office. -If I fail to properly keep track of and/or report my time, I may not be paid for that time. -It is my responsibility to do my homework outside of working hours.

    Continuing Employment with University Recreation

    Employment is not guaranteed each semester/year. The professional staff will determine if my employment will continue based on performance and file documentation. File documentation may include but is not limited to positive/negative reports, sick reports, and evaluations. I understand that my academic grades may be checked in order to determine if I am academically strong enough to continue my employment with UREC.


    -I must report to work, and be ready to work at the time stated on the schedule -I am permitted to clock in no more than 15 minutes prior to the start of my shift. -I will work the entire time period stated on my schedule. Partial shifts are not allowed without prior written approval form the professional staff. -If I arrive late for my shift I must call 231-591-2679 to let the staff know what time I will be arriving. If I call before the office opens, I will leave a detailed message. -If I need a day off I will make arrangements by obtaining a substitute to cover my shift. I will do so by utilizing the sub request form completed by me; I will not call and ask that someone complete this for me. -I will actively seek a sub for my shift by contacting other staff members. -If I am unable to obtain a sub I am responsible to report to work for that shift. Exceptions may be made in the event of extreme circumstances (medical emergency, death in the family, etc) by professional staff/building supervisor.

    Job Duties and Customer Service

    -My primary job is to provide outstanding customer service to the patrons of University Recreation. I will perform these responsibilities as outlined in staff training, by using common sense, and the various resources provided. -Duties include maintaining a clean and organized work area, communicating pertinent information to UREC patrons and staff, providing tours of the SRC, assisting with special events and other duties as assigned. -It is my responsibility to stay aware of the activities, policies, and procedures related to UREC programs/facilities. -It is my responsibility to regularly check my email (the email address that I've provided to UREC) and to read all UREC emails in their entirety.

    Appearance While on Duty

    -I will wear my name tag while on duty. -I will wear my UREC staff polo at all times. -Staff shirts must be the outermost layer of clothing so that I am identifiable as staff. -There are used staff shirts that can be borrowed if I fail to wear my staff shirt for my shift. -My appearance will be clean, neat, and in good taste. -Shorts/skirts must be a reasonable length; should come to the tips of fingertips when arm is held down at side. -Closed toe shoes must be worn at all times; open-toe/open-heel/flip flops are NOT permitted while working with the exception of flip flops for lifeguards on duty. -I will not wear clothing representing other colleges or universities while I am clocked in. -I will not wear clothing promoting alcohol/drugs/paraphernalia while I am clocked in.

    Personal Business While on Duty

    -I will adhere to the University's Drug-Free Work policy. -I am not allowed to play Intramural Sports while I am working. Failure to follow this rule is theft and may result in a referral to the Office of Student Conduct and/or may be cause for immediate dismissal from employment -I will not make disparaging remarks or gossip about any person's work, personal life outside of work, or organization while on duty. -Eating on duty is permitted if it does not interfere with work assignments. Food should be consumed in the break area of the office only (rather than the work station). -I will clean dishes/bowls, etc that I use immediately after I use them. -Personal phone calls by staff are limited to those related to emergency or relaying quick messages. -Cell phone communications (including text messaging) are to take place away from work stations and patron's sight/earshot. -If I must make/take a personal call/text, I will inform my supervisor; if/when approved, the call will take place in the SRC break room only. -The use of personal music players (headphones) is not permitted.


    -I am NOT permitted to use the UREC computers for personal business (this includes, but is not limited to, playing computer games, shopping, surfing the internet, facebook, twitter, etc.) -Laptop computers are not allowed while on duty except in the office, and only after all duties have been completed. -I will not download files from e-mail or internet sites to office computers. -I will not abuse the privilege of having access to printers and office supplies. Use of office supplies for personal business may be cause for referral to the Office of Student Conduct and/or immediate dismissal from employment. -I will adhere to the FSU Computer Use policy when using office computers.


    -I understand that confidential student/employee/patron information is handled by UREC. -I will not abuse my position by purposefully obtaining confidential information or by sharing this information with others. -I will use the staff contact information for work related issues only. I will not use this information to contact staff members for personal reasons.


    -Gossip can have many adverse side effects on our department. -It can drain, distract and downshift employee job satisfaction. -It can increase conflict and decrease morale. -It results in strained relationships. -Gossip breaks down the trust level within the group, which results in employees second-guessing each other and ultimately running to the professional staff to clarify the directions or instructions, or to settle the differences that will arise. -Gossip is the death of teamwork as the group breaks up into cliques and employees start refusing to work with others In order to create a more professional workplace and a workplace that all employees enjoy to work at, we are making a commitment to change our atmosphere to be gossip free. -I understand the adverse effects gossip can have on the workplace. -I will do my part to make UREC a great department to work for by NOT engaging in gossip. -I will adhere to the gossip free policy
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