Ingress Media Creator Application
If you're so intent on joining us, complete this application!

Or don't. It's a free country, but it'll be a free country with you not in Ingress. So you should probably fill this out! We're cool people. And you seem cool too. As you're filling this out, please be sure to read through everything carefully! We wrote everything we did for a reason, so if you don't you might miss something.

Please note: the completion of this electronic application does not constitute acceptance to this organization, or to any of its partners and subsidiaries.

Also note: please allow some time for your application to be reviewed by members of the editorial board. We're busy people too so don't be afraid to shoot any of us an email via one of the contacts on the Contact Us page. In fact, it'll make you stand out! If we like what you've got to offer, you'll be contacted with additional information (often requesting work samples/experience).
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