Scecina Boys Soccer Symptom Tracking
This form is required to be filled out before each sports practice/event by every athlete in order for the athlete to participate. Mask are REQUIRED by all athletes until they clear the screening process.
Athlete Name *
Mark yes or no to each of the below symptoms.
Temp above 100.3 *
Shortness of breath *
Loss of taste or smell *
Cough *
Sore Throat *
Chest pain *
Nausea/vomitting *
Diarrhea *
Chills *
Headache *
SEND HOME and DO NOT PRACTICE: if athlete has temperature above 100.3 or any YES in the first 3 symptoms OR more symptoms in the other columns they CANNOT PRACTICE.

If athlete is sent home, they MUST have WRITTEN clearance from a physician before they can participate in the next practice. If there needs to be further evaluation please send athlete to your athletic Trainer before participating.
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