Dietary Diversity #1
When taking this survey please keep in mind the ingredients in the pre-made meals you eat. These questions aren't just about what you eat by themselves (such as snacking on a banana), but about what foods you eat in all forms including condiments, spices and pre-packaged foods. If you ate a can of soup seven months ago that included corn, broccoli and olive oil, then all three of those should be checked off during the course of this survey.
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Even though you may eat a range of food that is omnivorous, I understand that you might identify as a vegetarian, vegan or something else. For example, just because someone eats a small amount of turkey on Thanksgiving doesn't mean they necessarily identify as an omnivore. Please select the dietary classification closest to what you think of yourself as being.
Perhaps you say you're a "vegetarian" because people know what that is, even if it isn't how you really think of yourself. If you have a specific way of referring to yourself – such as adaptivore, nutrivore, opportunist, freegan, sunfoodist, natural hygienist, or paleo – then please enter that specific designation here. If you don't have a personal label you identify with, then leave this blank.
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In comparison to other people near your age who live in your area, how would you rate your health and vitality? When answering this question consider the following: how energetic you are, how easily and often you get sick, how strong you are, how much stamina you have, your body's shape, the condition of your skin, and how often you need to go to the doctor or use medication.
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