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The DFW Conference Presentation Gallery will be a digital collection of past conference materials. We'd like to highlight past conference presentations by sharing slides, photos, or even the full text of your talk. You can share as much or as little as you like.
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Please give an abstract for your presentation - you can simply copy the abstract from our past schedules. If needed, we can look up your past abstract for you, but it's much easier if you can provide one here.
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Please give a brief bio for yourself and your presenters (if applicable.) We prefer the bio from the year of your presentation, but you can also provide a current bio. If needed, we can look up your past bio for you, but it's much easier if you can provide one here.
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Please provide a description of the materials you're attaching. For the online gallery, we'll accept any materials that you'd like to share on our website, such as Presentation Slides, Handouts, the Full Text of Your Presentation, or a Professional Photo.
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Your may upload up to 5 files of 10 MB each. We recommend consolidating your materials into a single file, if possible, but you could certainly upload your presentation text, a photo, and slides in separate files. If your files are larger than 10 MB or if you would like to share a video, please Contact Us: https://dfw.12writing.com/p/contact.html
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For legal purposes, please review the following before you complete your submission. We're happy to go over any concerns you may have about copyright, fair use, or professional credit: https://dfw.12writing.com/p/contact.html
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