Immigrant Dignity Coalition: Registration Commitment Form
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The Immigrant Dignity Coalition's purpose is to inform, connect, and mobilize the Southwest Ohio / Northern Kentucky community to defend and protect the dignity of the immigrant and refugee community by working in working in partnership with one another.
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Coalition Members and Supporters
Organizations participating in the Immigrant Dignity Coalition will be known as either Coalition Members or Supporters. They will receive the Immigrant Dignity Report email monthly and have access to shared resources of the Coalition.

There are two levels of organizational participation:

1. Member Organizations are responsible for:
     -Having at least 1 representative at monthly meetings;
     -Exercising 1 vote in Coalition matters;
     -Being open to nomination for leadership on Steering Committee; and
     -Communicating with their members on Coalition activities and announcements

2. Supporter Organizations are responsible for:
     -Attending monthly meetings as they are able; and
     -Communicating with their members on Coalition activities and announcements
Registration Agreement
Members and Supporters will fill out a registration agreement to express interest in joining the Coalition. Registration agreement will include the name of the organization, point of contact, choice of Member or Supporter Organization, and signature confirming that they have read and agree to the Operating Agreement.

Several sections of the Operating Agreement are included in this form. For the full Operating Agreement that you will be asked to agree to at the end of this form, click here:
By checking this box, I can confirm that I have permission to fill out this form on behalf of my organization. *
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