Anthrocon 'Furry and Disability' Questionnaire
This short questionnaire is intended to gather information for a panel at Anthrocon 2018 titled 'Furry and Disability' (5pm-6:30pm, Saturday July 7). The panel is being organized by Tealeaf, with panelists Alex Sonata, Bossasaur, Kitt Gryphon, Troj, and Wazaux! If you have any questions about the panel, or this questionnaire, please feel free to get in touch with Tealeaf at or on Twitter:

All questions are optional, and even partial responses are useful. Please note, however, that any information you provide in this questionnaire may be used - in whole or in part - during the panel, at future related panels at other conventions, and in online write-ups about furry and disability. You should therefore complete this questionnaire under the assumption that the data collected could be discussed in a public setting.

It is important to recognize that this questionnaire is primarily intended as an informal data-gathering exercise to help shape and direct discussion at the panel. It is in no way designed as a serious scientific exercise and will not be used for any formal, research-based activity. Nevertheless, please note that the organizer is a trained statistician with experience in study design and analysis. Any follow-up presentation of results will be handled with considerable care!

Finally, we're aware the definitions of various terms in this questionnaire will vary from individual to individual (such as 'disability' or 'furry'). Please answer based on however *you* define these terms for yourself - results will be interpreted accordingly.

Do you consider yourself to have a disability?
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