Professional Development Survey 2016-2017
The Panther Valley School District is gathering data concerning possible staff development activities for the upcoming school year as well as the effectiveness past staff development. This survey has been designed to only take a few minutes to complete.
Relevant professional development is necessary for continued growth. It is the expectation that workshops and other types of staff development will result in the improvement of classroom instruction thereby positively impacting student achievement. Workshops provide only a starting point for change. Follow-up training and on-site professional development are necessary to produce sustained changes in classroom instruction.
The goal is help make PD more relevant to teachers and give them more options. A few example topics brought up by the administrative team as possible areas that certified staff could choose include: Twitter, Google Classroom, and Finding Apps for classroom use, creating units and lessons, creating common assessments, and participating in book studies or cross grade level collaboration. There are many more topics and the idea is simply to try to get the topics that are important to you available for you to learn and grow professionally.
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