8th Grade Electives 20-21
All 8th graders are required to enroll in the following classes.
English Language Arts – Full year (two semesters)
Math – Full year (two semesters)
Science – Full year (two semesters)
History – Full year (two semesters)
Computer Applications – Half year (one semester)

In addition to the required courses 8th grade students may sign up for three semesters worth of electives. Elective classes are listed below. We make every effort to place students in the electives they choose. However, sometimes that is not possible. Please choose an alternate elective in case your first choice is not available.

Band – Full year (two semesters)
Orchestra – Full year (two semesters)
Choir – one semester or two
Art – one semester or two
PE can be all year if you choose
Computer Science Discoveries – one semester
Home Ec. – one semester
Shop – one semester

To select your electives for 8th grade, please complete the following form:
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