Coding Galaxy 計算思維挑戰賽 2021 學校參賽表格Coding Galaxy Challenge 2021 Registration Form (School)
比賽日期為 2021年4月1日至6月30日。有意參加校際賽或推薦學生參加個人賽之學校,請於2021年3月31日或之前填妥並提交此表格。

推薦學生參加個人賽之學校需提供學生名單,並列明Coding Galaxy 登入ID。


Competition Period: 1 April - 30 June 2021. Interested schools shall complete and submit this form on or before 31 March 2021.

Schools recommending students for individual category shall provide a name list with students' Coding Galaxy Login ID.

Only registration from school is accepted. For students who wish to enter the competition without a school's nomination, they shall complete a different form:
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請選擇參賽組別 Please select category *
本校有意參加是次比賽,並有有效 Coding Galaxy 帳號。Our school would like to participate and we have valid Coding Galaxy accounts. *
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負責人名稱 Contact Person *
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我校同意校名顯示至比賽網頁上 We agree the school name to be released on the competition website.
本校明白 Coding Galaxy 需從資料庫中提取參賽學生資料,以作是次比賽計分之用。Our school understands that Coding Galaxy needs access to our students' data for assessing results. *
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