Nomination for the Tennessee Hall of Fame, 2018
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I hereby nominate ________ for membership in THOF. He/She has brought fame and/or fortune to the state of Tennessee and is deserving of this statewide recognition. *
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In approximately 75-100 words, describe the contributions of the nominee to the state of Tennessee. Please provide a reference(s), e.g. The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture. You may also reference specific newspaper or magazine articles or history texts. You are not limited to such cited examples, but remember the cited reference(s) must be authoritative and available for inspection by the judges.
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Nominations must be submitted by August 31, 2018. Questions should be directed to Dr. Dewey A. Browder, Chairman, THOF Steering Committee at using the subject line Question on THOF Nomination.
Thank you for your nomination. The Steering Committee of THOF will vote on the nominations and post entries for the 2018 nominees by October 31, 2018.
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