Kami Heroes 2021 Quiz
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1. What are the first two steps a teacher should do to set up Kami on their device? *
2. Sharing your License Key to students will occupy 'seats' in your Teacher License every time it is activated. True or false? *
3. What are the ways you can add a Signature to your document *
4. Which of the following is the correct list of official integrations available in Kami? *
5. Which of the following tools is not part of the Kami Toolbar? *
6. Are Learning Management System (LMS) integrations available for all Kami users? True or false? *
7. With the Split and Merge tool, you can... *
8. A teacher has uploaded a text-heavy PDF document into Kami but Kami won't let them highlight the text. What would you suggest to allow her to annotate the file? *
9. What steps would you take when using Kami offline? *
10. What is the name of the tool that can restore all deleted annotations in your Kami document? *
11. A teacher on a district License has successfully pushed out an assignment to their students, but two of them have emailed saying that some of their tools and features are "locked", how would you advise them? *
12. One of your students has accidentally deleted all the annotations in the Kami document. Should they... *
13. You can push out Kami Assignments without a Learning Management System (LMS) or a non-integrated LMS. True or false? *
14. What is the key benefit of using the Add Pages? *
15. Kami’s Dark Mode feature is accessible from the... *
16. How many minutes is the maximum length of a Video Comment? *
17. Kami’s Comment tools include... *
18. Kami has stylus support. True or False? *
19. What are the little circles in the bottom right-hand corner in Kami with initials or question marks at the bottom of my page? *
20. A student has categorized themselves as a teacher in Kami, how can I switch them to a student? *
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