DevOpsDays KC 2018 Sponsor Feedback
Thank you for participating in DevOpsDays KC. We hope you had as much fun sponsoring as we did organizing.

We want to hear your feedback so we can keep improving our logistics and content. Please fill out this quick survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous).

Please answer all the questions to the best of your ability for your organization.

How likely are you to sponsor this event next year?
Very likely
If there were a higher tier (e.g. Platinum at $10,000), would your company be willing/able to sponsor at that tier?
This level would provide more pitch time in front of the audience as well as a more prominent position among the other sponsors.
Were there too many sponsors in the same tier? (Standard or Premium)
How important are the below factors for sponsorship?
1 = Not important at all 5 = Very important
Time on stage
Ability to quickly gather attendee information
Set up time the day prior
Set up time in the morning
Ability to raffle a prize
Logo in attendee emails
Logo on our website
Logo on a slide between presentations
Logo displayed on a separate slide from others
Lead Capture
How satisfied were you with the logistics?
1 = Very disatisfied 5 = Very satisfied
Amount of communication
Quality of communication
Transportation & Parking
Audio/Visual resources
Storage room
Your location in the venue
Attendee flow through your area
Lead Capture mechanics
Additional feedback on logistics
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Would you want to participate in events organized by this group again?
Any overall feedback for the event from your perspective as a sponsor?
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What is something AWESOME that you’ve experienced at another conference or similar event that we should know about?
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What is something TERRIBLE you’ve experienced at another conference or similar event that we should try to avoid?
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