Surrey Community Cat Foundation - Spay/Neuter Application Form
PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we can't provide volunteer drivers or carriers right now. Also note that applications are reviewed on weekends. This program is NOT for stray cats. If there is a stray cat in your neighbourhood, please email
1. You MUST LIVE IN SURREY to be eligible for this program.

2. Kittens must be at least 5 months of age. If your kitten is younger than 5 months, please apply when they're 5 months.

3. The Surrey Community Cat Foundation will pay for spay/neuter, tattoo, flea treatment, and deworming. Due to limited funding, we're not able to pay for vaccines, but we can arrange a discounted rate for you.

4. Please do a flea check with a flea comb. Instructions at

5. If your cat is female, please check her for signs of pregnancy. Instructions at

6. If you move, please make sure you give your new address and contact information to us and the vet.

7. If your cat goes missing, please let us know as soon as possible.

8. If you are in a situation where you need to re-home your cat, please give the spay/neuter certificate to the new owner and give us the new owner's contact information. This will help us track down the right owner if the cat goes missing.
I have read and understand the above. *
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