Questionnaire 問卷
Questionnaire for the 2nd HK EarlyMusic Festival 2021: A Historical Journey, presented by Concerto da Camera
 雅樂合奏團呈獻2021年第二屆香港古樂節之尋源之旅 問卷

Your feed backs mean a lot to us! We can improve and upgrade our productions by listening to you! Thank you for your time!
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1. How did you know about the 2nd Hong Kong Early Music Festival 2021? 你怎樣認識第二屆香港古樂節的?
2. (Face to Face events實體節目) Did you attend our Face to Face events? I f yes, which one ( you can choose more than one event) 曾經有參加我們的實體節目? (如有,請選項)
3. Did you enjoyed the screening events? Tell us your thoughts.你享受我們的放映會嗎?請分享心聲。
4. (Online events 網上節目) Have you watched the videos oh the 2nd HK Early Music Festival programmes online? If yes, which one(s) 你有沒有在網上觀看第二屆香港古樂節的影片? 如有,請選項。
5. Did you enjoyed the online videos? Tell us your thoughts.你享受觀看音樂影片嗎?請分享心聲。
6. (In general) Was the presentation and publicity of the 2nd HK Early Music Festival easy for your reach? 請問你覺得容易收到今次音樂節的資訊嗎?請給予寶貴意見
7. Was the festival programme arrangements clear for you? 今次音樂節的節目安排,是否清晰容易明白?請給予寶貴的意見:
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