2BDigital - Competences for learning and work in a digital world - Consultation on framework development
The 2BDIGITAL project team is aiming to create one framework of transversal competences, innovating to integrate the Digcomp and Entrecomp frameworks. We have established the possible connections and common ground, and gone one step further, introducing the recently published LifeComp and Competences for Democratic Culture Frameworks. The proposed framework will address these competences in an integrated way, that is not currently addressed or available in curricula, or in the provision of online VET education and training. In this way the project aims to support both students and teachers to succeed in this new and changing environment.

This competence framework will impact on VET providers, being a tool for teachers to identify those transversal competences that are key for their student’s engagement in digital life, learning and work, and must be promoted through their teaching practices. However, it could be also transferred and applicable to other education levels, and to informal learning contexts, or training for employment.

VET lower and upper secondary students will be actively involved in the co-design and validation of the framework. The project will follow a learner-centred design, in order to include them as the intended beneficiaries of the project’s vision, on which competences are key to motivate, and keep them engaged, in online education.

As an essential part of our development work we are keen to get feedback from experts in digital education, educative innovation or education technologies, companies and entrepreneurs in highly digitalized sectors and working in platform works.
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