Neelkanth Group of Institutions Registration Form for Technophilia 2018 03 April 2018
NGI Campus,
NH 58 near SVBP Agriculture University
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Technical events to be organized:
Model Presentation (Coordinator: Mr. Shubham Kashyap, 7417712213) Participants need to present a working model of their innovative idea in any field of Engineering.

Circuit Making (Coordinator: Mr. Lalit Kumar, 9555412525): Participant needs to design a working circuit in the lab. Depending upon the application of circuit & it’s working the best wins.

Water Rocketry (Coordinator: Mr. Pradeep Chauhan, 8979239489) Participant has to design a model which will work on the principle of rocket, but with the help of water.

Website Designing (Coordinator: Mr. Sanjeev Tyagi, 9219869447): Participant has to design a small website within the limited span of time.

Coding Mania (Coordinator: Mrs. Ayushi Tomar, 9456486768) Participant needs to find the error in the given program.

Best Out of Waste (Coordinator: Mr. Aamir, 8923822402) Participant has to design a model with the use of waste material such as bottles, pipes, boxes etc.

Poster Presentation (Coordinator: Mr. Amit, 7906314238): The participant has to present his idea on a poster and explain the basic concept behind it.

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