Community Group Project 2018
This survey has been created to understand the needs of people, like you, who visit and use the services at Myatt’s Field Park to see if their needs have been met, so that improvements can be made going forward. The survey data will be used to complete a university project for the Global Health course at Imperial College London and may be used in the future for research or publications. By taking part in this survey, you are kindly consenting for us to use your anonymised responses. If you have any queries, please email
1) Gender
2) Age
3) Ethnicity
4) Postcode
Your answer
5) Do you have child-caring responsibilities?
6) How long have you been coming to the park?
7) Do you visit any other parks apart from Myatt's Field Park?
8) IF yes to question 7, why do you visit the other parks as well?
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9) How long does it take for you to walk to the park from your home?
10) How often do you visit the park?
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