Peer Tutor Program 2021-2022 TUTEE Application
Thank you for your interest in getting a tutor for your child through Needham Youth & Family Services' Peer Tutor Program. Please note that this application must include a teacher recommendation.

Basic information about the program.
- The Tutors in the Peer Tutor Program are high school volunteers. We screen and interview all tutor applicants. While we do an orientation with tutors, please keep in mind that these are student volunteers and not professionally trained educators.
- Tutoring starts in early October and lasts the school year. Tutoring pairs meet for one hour per week.
- There is a $45 fee for the program, due in the fall, which can be waved in the event of financial need.
- Once in the program, tutees are automatically eligible for a second year of tutoring if desired and if they have not aged out of the program.
- There is a two-year limit on tutoring in the program.

What to expect after submitting your application:
- Acceptance to the program is based on a combination of need and a lottery system. Acceptance is NOT first-come, first-served.
- You will be notified at the beginning of the school year whether your child is accepted or waitlisted for the program.
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All primary communication with parents/guardians for the Peer Tutor Program is done over email and texting Please indicate if another method is necessary: *
How did you learn about the Peer Tutor Program? *
Has your child been waitlisted for the Peer Tutor Program in the past? *
If yes, when?
Please check the field where your child needs the most assistance overall; check both if it is even: *
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Please list the time(s) of the day that your child will be available for tutoring below. Please note that tutors are high school students and are involved in many different activities. Please be flexible and provide several options. If accepted into the program, you and your tutor will decide upon a time that works for both in the fall when you meet on Match Day. State the times for each day Monday-Friday that work the best, and for Saturday and Sunday (library only). *
What after school activities do you anticipate for your child during the year? (dance, sports, etc). Please state it for each season; Fall, Winter, Spring. *
Do you prefer a male or female tutor? *
Has your child received tutoring from anyone in the past? *
If yes, please describe your child's experience:
Is your child aware that you are making this request for tutoring? *
If yes, what has your child's level of interest been?
What aspects of the Peer Tutoring Program do you hope will be most beneficial to your child, particularly compared with other forms of academic support such as private tutoring, afterschool help from teachers, etc.? *
If your child has any learning challenges or IEP/504 accommodations please describe them below:
Is there any other information that we should know about your child?
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