C3 Task 1 submission form
Thank you for participating in the Canada CyberSTEAM Challenge! Please submit your work here, and if you have any questions, contact a Virtual TA.
Name(s) of team member(s) *
Email address (of at least one member) *
Where are you from? (Province and city/town or country if outside Canada) *
What grade are you in? *
Folder submission
Please upload a link to your Google Drive folder. Make sure that all of the submission material for this challenge is in the folder, and that you have given editing permission to anybody with the link!
Link to Google Drive folder *
Leaderboard alias or team name
If you would like to be displayed on the leaderboard, you have the option of choosing a nickname or a name for your team to be displayed instead of your real name. Be creative, and remember to keep it appropriate!
Leaderboard alias/team name
Submission Gallery permission
We will be uploading submissions to the Submission Gallery on our website so that students can view submissions from other students across Canada (and globally). Please let us know if you would like to be included in our Submission Gallery.
Do you want your submission to be uploaded to the Submission Gallery? *
Refer a Friend Program
If you referred a friend (or a two person team) to the competition, you are eligible for 10 extra task points! Please give the name of your friend, and we will add 10 extra points to your score once we receive their submission. You will receive 10 extra points for each friend or team you refer.
If you referred a friend or friends, please provide their name(s).
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