Letter to ABP
TU Delft employees (drafted by H. Vallery and A. van den Dobbelsteen)

T.a.v. mw. drs. C.M. Wortmann-Kool
Postbus 75292
1070 AG Amsterdam

Dear Mrs. Wortmann-Kool,

As employees at TU Delft, please let us first express our gratitude to ABP as the organisation securing pension funds for us and our colleagues. We really appreciate the efforts of ABP and its asset manager APG. It is however with great discomfort that we have followed recent critical media coverage of the ABP portfolio (for example [1][2][3]). We are concerned about a large part of the investments made with our pension premiums. There seems to be a mismatch between our sustainability values (and the promises made by ABP/APG) and the actual investment decisions made or the resistance against climate resolutions with oil companies. Therefore, we want to ask you to change the pension investment portfolio and we will explain this in this letter.

TU Delft and sustainability
Sustainability has been a key focus of TU Delft for a long time already, deeply embedded in research, education and on the campus. In addition, we are currently setting up a Climate Action Programme and next year’s theme of the university will be Energy Transition. Moreover, since January 2021, professor Andy van den Dobbelsteen has been appointed sustainability coordinator of TU Delft, with the aim to make our university carbon neutral and circular by 2030. Our sustainability endeavours not only refer to the energy system and our buildings, yet also to everything we do on and from the campus: construction and renovation projects, procurement, waste management, commuter travel, business travel, catering, water management, as well as behaviour of our staff and students.
We try to contribute to a better world in everything we do at TU Delft. Therefore, it is disconcerting that in the meantime, our own pension money is invested in companies’ activities that are at least partly functioning perpendicular to our mission.

Practice what you preach
At TU Delft we convincingly demonstrate to practice what we preach by investing in our sustainability transition and Climate Action Programme. Sadly, this does not seem to apply to ABP.
In many publications and online, ABP claims to have a clear sustainability ambition, but with what we see happening, progress seems to be slow. At the moment, considering sustainability, ABP only aims for 20% of sustainable investments. We think this is unacceptable. For instance, APG still supports quite a number of large and smaller oil companies who invest in expansion of fossil fuels [4][5]. We will still need fossil fuel for a few decades more, but supporting policies that are focused on further expanding fossil fuel exploitation, and thereby further contributing to climate change, instead of pushing a more sustainable agenda, is in our opinion the wrong strategy.
Therefore, we find it hard to accept that large amounts of our pension money support investments diametrically opposed to halting climate change. Instead, we had ABP rather invest this money into sustainable companies or in companies that use it to put sustainability at the core of their business.
Stopping investment in fossil fuel is possible as a policy also for large organisations – see for instance the example of Achmea [6]. Another positive example for sustainable investment is Triodos: this bank first considers the positive impact of companies regarding sustainability, and look at exclusion criteria later [7]. Furthermore, ASR, CZ, Menzis and VGZ de-invested entirely from the weapon industry [8].

Helping companies to change direction
ABP often argues that being a shareholder of oil companies can help change the sustainability policy of these companies. That may be true. However, there is no convincing body of evidence for this statement. On the contrary, on behalf of ABP, APG does not use their stakeholder vote in a beneficial way. The investor has always voted against or abstained from climate resolutions proposed by ‘Follow This’ at shareholder meetings of oil companies [9]. This is completely juxtaposed to what was told to a delegation of Follow This and ‘ABP Fossielvrij’, back in 2018, when ABP promised to urge these companies to head in a sustainable direction.
Therefore, at present we see no convincing evidence that shareholder participation leads to change of the core business models.

Sustainable is profitable
Evidence shows that investments can be both responsible and profitable [10]. So, there is no need to decide between investing responsibly and aiming for a return on investment. You also recognise this in your own publications [11][12].
ABP advocates secure investment in multiple sectors, which we fully understand. However, the list of companies supported by ABP indicates the predominance of a non-sustainable sector, which hampers an urgent sustainable transition. We think a larger share of this money could be put into sustainable businesses.
Hence, the sustainability vows are only words when there are very soft policy changes and ABP’s milestones are scheduled 30 years ahead into the future. We think this is far too slow to deal with the urgency of climate change mitigation. The efforts currently made are too limited, the bar set too low and the goals too far in the future.

Our request for change
Based on the previous, we want to ask ABP/APG to take the following steps:
• To define more specific and ambitious goals than so far, which are measurable.
• To calculate and make transparent the current carbon footprint as benchmark, and to determine whether this footprint is in agreement with the Paris Climate Agreement. This means, not to phrase it as a desire for future years, but to show it as it is at present, with numbers of 2021. The data thereof is available.
• To set up and follow hard exclusion criteria for companies with unacceptable policies. At present, these criteria are very soft, which makes it difficult to make a clear judgement at what point a company needs to be excluded.
• To de-invest from companies that primarily invest in fossil fuel expansion, companies that contribute to deforestation, companies that score low on the human rights benchmark [13] and other companies with irresponsible business models.
• To divert the investment towards companies whose business model is sustainable at its core. This demands inclusion criteria regarding sustainability and societal values.
• To grow towards 100% investment according to sustainability criteria before the year 2030. This is not more than in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals already now.
• To install a dedicated sustainability and ethics committee approving all future investments by APG, and to publish the results of its assessments online. We know that ABP has a good track record for transparency, and we therefore are confident regarding the publication. This ethics committee must include: clients, experts in sustainable investments, NGOs, and its composition must be agreed with the VSNU.
• To regularly screen all companies that ABP supports, validated by relevant information acquired from NGOs, experts and knowledge institutes, and openly and publicly communicated, also with affected stakeholders.
• To couple financial bonus systems of APG with responsible investments.

Open for communication
We expect that you will seriously consider our requests. We are your clients and we disagree with a large part of the current investment of our pension premiums. Working at one of the top technical universities in the world, we have to live up to our vision, mission and ambition, and being connected to a pension fund and asset manager that mirror that vision, mission and ambition is in our viewpoint simply essential and beneficial to both sides.

We are willing and available to have a dialogue with ABP and APG about the issues addressed in our letter.

Yours sincerely,
With kind regards,

TU Delft employees

Prof.dr.ir. Andy van den Dobbelsteen, BK
Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. Vallery, 3ME
Prof.dr.ir. Jilt Sietsma, 3mE
Prof.dr.ir. H.W.J. Russchenberg, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Prof.dr.ir. David Abbink, 3mE
Dr. Mathijs de Weerdt, EEMCS,
Prof.dr. Peter Steeneken, 3mE
Prof.dr.ir. T. Keviczky, 3ME
Prof.dr.ir. M. Mulder, Aerospace Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. Arjan Mol, 3mE
Prof.dr. Maria J. Santofimia, 3mE
Prof.dr. G.C.A.M. Janssen, 3mE
Prof.dr.ir. Wouter A. Serdijn, EEMCS
Prof.dr. Robert Babuska, 3ME
Prof.ir. Dick van Gameren, BK
Prof.dr. Leo C.N. de Vreede, EEMCS
Prof.dr. R.R. Negenborn, 3mE
Prof.dr. G. de Croon, Aerospace Engineering
Prof.dr. Paul W Chan, BK
Prof.ir. Kees Kaan, BK
Dr. Francesco Fioranelli, EEMCS
Prof.dr. Ana Pereira Roders, BK
Dr. Dante Muratore, EEMCS
Prof.dr.ir. Klaske Havik, BK
Prof.ir. Paul Vermeulen, BK
Prof. Daniel Rosbottom, BK
Dr. Vasso Reppa, 3mE
Prof. Dr. Peter Palensky, EEMCS
Prof.ir. Wessel de Jonge, BK
Dr.ir. Gerwin Smit, 3mE
Prof.dr. Ellen van Bueren, BK
Prof.dr.ir. J.L. Herder, 3mE
Prof.dr. P.J. Boelhouwer, BK
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uta Pottgiesser, BK
Dr. Julian Kooij, 3mE
Prof.dr.ir. Vincent Gruis, Architecture and the Built Environment
Dr. Raj Thilak Rajan, EEMCS
Prof.ir. Peter Luscuere, BK
Prof.ir. Nathalie de Vries, BK
Prof.dr.ir. Marja Elsinga, BK
Prof. Eric Luiten, Bouwkunde
Prof.dr.ir. Wiebren de Jong, 3mE
Prof. Dr.-Ing. C.M. Hein, Architecture and the Built Environment
Prof.dr.ir. Mauro Overend, BK
Prof.dr. Martijn Warnier, TBM
Dr.ir. J.C. Diehl, IDE
Prof.dr.ir. Jaap Harlaar, 3mE
Prof.ir. Rients Dijkstra, Architecture and the Built Environment
Prof.dr. Sander Otte, TNW
Dr. Anton Akhmerov, TNW
Prof.dr.ir. Alexandra den Heijer, BK
Dr. Jeremy Faludi, IDE
Prof.dr.ir. Nick van de Giesen, CiTG
Prof. Dr. Freek Beekman, TNW
Professor Simon Watson, Aerospace Engineering
Prof. dr. ir. P.N.A.M. Visser, Aerospace Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. Ibo van de Poel, TBM
Prof Dr. J. Schoormans, Industrial Design Engineering
Prof. Dr. Ir. Maaike Kleinsmann, IDE
Prof. Dr. Dirk Snelders, Industrial Design Engineering
Prof. dr. ir. M. Wagemaker, TNW
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Roland Klees, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
prof.dr.ir. M.C. Veraar, EEMCS
Prof. dr. Catherine Pappas, TNW
Prof. dr. Jan van Neerven, EEMCS
Dr. Silvania Pereira, TNW
Prof.dr.ir. Erik Schlangen, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Prof. dr. Paddy French, EEMCS
Prof. DSc. O.Yarovyi, EEMCS
Prof. dr. Gijsje Koenderink, TNW
Prof Dr Bert van Wee, TBM
Prof. dr. Fulvio Scarano, Aerospace Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. Geert Leus, EEMCS
Dr. ir. Sacha Silvester, Industrial Design Engineering
Prof. dr. J. M. Thijssen, Applied Sciences
prof.dr.ir. Inald Lagendijk, EEMCS
Prof. Deborah Nas, Industrial Design Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. Arnold Heemink, EEMCS
Prof.dr.ir Ronald Hanson., Applied Sciences & QuTech
Professor Peter Lloyd, Industrial Design Engineering
Prof. dr.ir. A.J.H.M. Reniers, CITG
Prof dr F.M. Brazier, TBM
Prof. dr. ir. Arno H.M. Smets, EEMCS
Prof. Dr. Erik Jan Hultink, Industrial Design Engineering
Prof. dr. Gertjan Medema, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Prof.dr.ir. Wim Uijttewaal, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Dr. Donatella Zappalá, Aerospace Engineering
Prof.dr.ir. Machiel van Dorst, BK
Prof dr D.J.E.M. Roekaerts, 3mE
Prof. dr. Christos Kassapoglou, Aerospace Engineering
Prof. Dr. Simon Gröblacher, Applied Sciences
Prof. Dr. Ir. Merle de Kreuk, CiTG
Prof.dr. Frank Hollmann, TNW
Dr. Ir. M van der Bijl-Brouwer, IDE
Prof. Dr. Paul Hekkert, IDE
Prof. dr. Dimitri Solomatine, CiTG
Prof. dr. Arie van Deursen, EEMCS
Prof.dr. Dion Gijswijt, EEMCS
Prof. dr. ir. Lieven Vandersypen, QuTech and Applied Sciences
Prof dr Gerd Kortuem, Industrial Design Engineering
Prof G Bertotti, CEG
Prof. dr. Pieter Jan Stappers, Industrial Design Engineering
Prof.dr.mr.ir. Neelke Doorn, TPM
Dr. ir. Manon Kok, 3mE
Prof.Dr.Ir. Thijs J.H. Vlugt, 3mE
Prof. dr. Cees Witteveen, EEMCS
Prof.dr.ir. E.C. Slob, CiTG
Prof. dr. ir. T.J. Heimovaara, Civil Engineering and Geo-sciences
Prof. dr. Susan Steele-Dunne, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Prof. dr. Ruud Balkenende, IDE
Prof. Dr. Bregje van Eekelen, IDE
Prof.dr.ir. Ramon Hanssen, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Dr. Ingrid Mulder, Industrial Design Engineering
Prof. mr. dr. ir. Sicco C. Santema, Industrial Design Engineering
Prof. Dr. Ulf Hanefeld, TNW
Prof. dr. ir. Ruth Mugge, Industrial Design Engineering
Dr.Ir.Ing T.Horeman, Bio Mechanical Engineering
Prof.dr. Sylvia Pont, IDE
Prof. dr Ekkes Brück, Applied Sciences
Piero Colonna, Aerospace Engineering
Prof. dr. ir. Filip Meysman, TNW
Prof.dr.ir. Piero Colonna, Aerospace Engineering
Prof. dr. Pier Siebesma, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Prof. ir. Rob Nijsse, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Prof. dr. Wil Zonneveld, Architecture and the Built Environment
Prof. dr.ir. Chris Zevenbergen, BK
Prof.dr. Rolf Kunneke, TBM
Dr. Matteo Pini, Aerospace Engineering
Dr. ir. Ajay Seth, 3mE
Prof. dr. Jenny Dankelman, 3mE
Prof.dr.ir. Pieter Kruit, TNW
Dr. Bob Geldermans, BK
Dr. Jens Kober, 3mE
Dr. ir. Martin Tenpierik, BK
Prof. dr. Dick G. Simons, Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Fokko van de Bult, EEMCS
Dr. Przemysław Pawełczak, EEMCS
Julian Swinkels , Valorization Centre
Dr. ir. Nienke Firet , Applied Sciences
Juliette van der Does, Strategic Development
Dr. Ir. Cees Haringa, TNW
dr.ir. B.A. van Driel , Strategic Development
Dr.ir. Cynthia Liem, EEMCS
ir. S.Y. van den Oever, EEMCS
Davide Ripepi, TNW
Prof. Dr. Arjan Houtepen, TNW
Prof. dr. ir. C. Poelma, 3ME
Dr. Stefanie Roos, EEMCS
Carolien Bastiaanssen, Applied Sciences
Michael Stols, UD-ICT
Dr. Geneviève Girard, Strategy Development
mr. Margreet H. Koopman, Universiteitsdienst bestuursbureau
Ir. M.A. Blommaert, TNW
Jordi van Opzeeland, Strategy Development
prof. dr. Andy Zaidman, EEMCS
Dr. Yumiko Henneberry, Industrial Design Engineering
Dr. Ir. Nynke Tromp, Industrial Design Engineering
René Haverslag, University Corporate Office
Ellen Vroemen, BK
ir. Geertje Slingerland, TPM
Dr. P. Lucas, Strategy Development, Strategy Development
Arnout Sabbe, BK
Prof.dr. Dominic von Terzi, AE, Aerospace Engineering
Dr. ing. Marco C. Rozendaal, Industrial Design Engineering
Dr. Ir. T.M. van Bruinessen, Corporate Innovation
Prof.dr.ir. Zofia Lukszo, TPM
Ing. Peter de Jong, BK
Nadia Haifi, CRE
Dr. Anke Dählmann, CiTG, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Pauline van der Vorm, Strategic Development
Dr. Arkady Zgonnikov, 3mE
Klaas P. van der Tempel, Studium Generale TU Delft
Dr. ir. Roel Schipper, CiTG
Ir. Henri van Bennekom, BK
Ing. A.F. Snelleman, Campus real estate - energy
Robert van Roijen, Valorization Centre
Dr. Andrea Gammon, TPM
Dr. Antonio Jarquin Laguna, 3mE
Dr. Barys Shyrokau, 3mE
Dr. Ir. Carlos Hernandez Corbato, 3mE
Dr. Nico Tillie, Urban Ecology & Ecocities Lab, Architecture & Built Environment
Drs. Pauline Post, TBM
E. de Vries, University Corporate Office / Communication / Campus & Real Estate
Ir. Anke Hacquebord, BK
ir. Emilie Buist, Valorization Centre
Ir. Gilbert de Nijs, Campus Real Estate - Energy
Ir. J.A.M. van der Weijden, The Green Village
Lindsey Schwidder, Valorisation Centre
Maria Roodenburg-van Dijk, TNW
Prof.dr. Sabine Roeser, TPM
Yolanda De Las Heras, CiTG
Arjan van der Hulst, Finance
Dr. Frederik Schulte, 3ME
Dr. Neil Yorke-Smith, EEMCS
Prof. dr. ir. Behnam Taebi, Technology, Policy and Management
Drs. Chris P. Duif, Reactor Institute Delft, TNW
Dr. Jason K. Moore, 3ME
Dr.ir. Roel Dobbe, Technology, Policy and Management
dr. Samantha Copeland, TPM
Annika Herth, TPM
ir. Frank Mulder, EEMCS
Dr. ir. Igor Nikolic, TPM
Dr. Irene Fernandez Villegas, Aerospace Engineering
dr.ir. Marjolein Spaans, BK
Dr Wim Haije, TNW
Dr.ir. Remon Rooij, Bouwkunde
Dimmy van Ruiten, Corporate Communication
Ir. Vishal Onkhar, 3mE
Najiba Abdellaoui, CEG
Ir. T.J.T. van der Heijden, CiTG/EEMCS
Ing. Giel Hermans, UD-DEMO
Theda Olsder, Valorisation Centre
Roy Meijer, University Corporate Office / Communication
Ir. Wouter Gregoor, DEMO
drs Sandra van Beek, Communications Department
Margie Grob, Teaching and Learning Services
Dr. Arjen Meijer, BK
Jerom Aerts, CiTG
Drs. Corien Sluis, Directie Communicatie
Suzanne Aandewiel, Alumni Relations
P Kulkarni, 3me
Spiridon van Veldhoven, 3mE
Ir. Olger Siebinga, 3ME
Oana Schippers-Trifan, Valorisation Centre
Dr. Tom Breukel, Strategic Development
Ria Hueber, Communication - Campus and Real Estate
Ir. Otto Diesfeldt, BK
ir. B. Schilperoort, CiTG
ir. Jose Luis Galan Argumedo, 3ME
J. Daal, The Green Village
Ellen van Andel, TPM
Dr.ir. Nick J. van de Berg, 3mE
Ir. Bob van Vliet, 3mE
P.E.A.Hermsen, MSc, MD, 3mE
Prof. dr. ir. Henk Visscher, Architecture and the Built Environment
Ir. D. van Gameren, BK
Dr. ir. Arjo J. Loeve, 3mE
Dr. Craig Lee Martin, Architecture
Dr. Phan Anh Nguyen, Architecture and the Built Environment
dr. Menno Blaauw, Applied Sciences
Lidewij van Trigt, The Green Village
Dr. Maéva Dang, BK, Architecture
Juliet van Oudenhoven, Valorisation Centre
dr. ir. Else Veldman, Urban Energy Institute
Dr. Andrea Mauri, Industrial Design Engineering
Peter Mooij, AMS Institute
Ir. Tess Blom, BK
Dr. Cornelis van de Kamp, TPM
A.M. de Ruijter, PhD, Engineering, Systems & Services
Anne van de Poel, Valorisation Centre
Arch. Mauro Parravicini MsC, Architecture
Costanza Culmone, 3mE
Dr. A.J. Oxenaar, Bouwkunde
Dr. Ir. S.S. van Dam, Industrieel Ontwerpen
Dr. Ron van Duin, TPM
dr.ir. Marjolein Pijpers-Van Esch, BK
Drs. Pieter de Wit, Finance
Friso de Boer, Science Centre
Ir. michiel Fremouw, BK
Ir. T. Kuipers, AMS Institute
prof. dr. Andy Zaidman, EEMCS
Prof. dr. ir. Johan T. Padding, 3mE
Raphael Klein, TPM
Anna Gralka MSc, Valorisation Centre
Dr Jaco Quist, Technology, Policy, Management
Dr.Queena Qian, BK
Ir. Geert van der Meulen, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
ir. T.T. Jonathan, TGV
ir. Jan-Henk Welink, 3mE
Dr Wei Pan, 3mE
Dr. Akira Endo, EEMCS
Dr. Boris M. van Breukelen, CiTG
Dr. Cosimo Della Santina, 3mE
Dr. ir Bert Wouters, CITG
Dr. Ir. B. de Wagenaar, EWI
Dr. ir. Doris van Halem, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Dr. Ir. Marina Bos-de Vos, Industrial Design Engineering
Dr. ir. Richard C. Hendriks, EEMCS
Dr. Mariska Wesseling, 3mE
dr.i.r. M.Bloemendal, Civil Engineering
Dr.ir. Gerard J.M. Janssen, EEMCS
drs. ir. S. Filius, 3ME
Emiel Kruisdijk, CiTG
Everdine de Vreede-Volkers, EWI
Ir Daniel Robertson, 3mE
Ir. A.M. Schouten, 3me
Ir. Esther de Kater, 3mE
Ir. Jinne Geelen, 3mE
Ir. M. Hoogelander, EEMCS
ir. S.E. Onderdelinden, 3ME
ir. Steef de Valk, CiTG
K. Muller, 3ME
Maurits Willemen, IDE
Max Spahn M.Sc., 3mE
Merle Losch M.Sc., 3mE
MSc. Bram T. Sterke, 3ME
Rishabh Ghotge, 3mE
Sihyun Yoo, Technology, policy and management
A. Dash, 3ME
Dr. Abel-John Buchner, 3mE
dr. Bas van Schooten, CiTG
Dr. Miren Vizcaino, CiTG
Dr. Prasad Gonugunta, TNW
dr. René Delfos, 3ME
Dr. Rene Pecnik, 3mE
Dr. Vivek Sinha, Faculty of Applied Sciences
Ir. A.M. van der Niet, 3mE
ir. ing. Jan-Willem Klok, 3mE
Ir. J. B. Klitsie, Industrial Design Engineering
Ir. J.A. van der Werf, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Ir. R. M. Butler, 3mE
Marie Van den Bergh, Industrial Design Engineering
Matthijs Buijs, Industrial Design Engineering
Saqr Al-Muraisy, MSc., CiTG
Anurag Bhambhani, CiTG, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Armand Middeldorp, CITG
Carina Eisfeld, Msc, CiTG
Dr. Euiyoung Kim, Industrial Design Engineering
Dr. ir. Jonathan C. J. Wei, 3mE
Dr. Ir. Riender Happee, 3ME
Dr. Leandro Nicolas Sacco, EEMCS
Dr. Riccardo Riva, CEG
Drs. Jacqueline Dekker, TPM
ir. A. Isaakidou, 3ME
Ir. Christine Unal, CiTG
Ir. Eline Kolken, 3mE
ir. Eva Nieuwenhuis, CiTG
Ir. J. Roelof Moll, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
ir. J.A.C. Nijdam, Industrial Design Engineering
Ir. J.H. Doeksen, 3ME
Ir. Nele Revyn, EEMCS
ir. Pier H. de Jong, 3mE
Ir. Robin Straathof, 3mE
Marije Gordijn, Aerospace Engineering
Prof. dr. ir. Harrie Weinans, 3ME
Prof.dr.ir. Jules B. van Lier, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Rosanne Verdelman, 3mE
Alexander van Katwijk, MSc., EEMCS
Assoc. prof. Henri Spanjers, CiTG
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Markus Hrachowitz, CiTG
Boaz Izelaar, 3mE
Dr Daniele Fiscaletti, Aerospace Engineering
Dr ir Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis, CiTG
Dr John J van den Dobbelsteen, 3mE
Dr. A.J.Böttger, 3mE
Dr. Andrey Goryachev, TNW
Dr. Angelo Accardo, 3mE
Dr. Francesco Avallone, Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Ir. Brian Baldassarre, IDE
Dr. Ir. D.C. Slobbe, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
dr. ir. Dries Allaerts, Aerospace Engineering
Dr. ir. Maurice Hoogreef, Aerospace Engineering
Dr. ir. Nick van der Meijs, EEMCS
Dr. ir. Wouter van der Wal, Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Louise Nuijens, CITG
Dr. Marios Kotsonis, Aerospace Engineering
Dr. N. A. K. Doan, Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Onno de Wit, Architecture and the Built Environment
Edo Abraham, CEG
Eng. Ricardo Amaral, Aerospace Engineering
Erik Fritz, Aerospace Engineering
Françoise Bobbert, 3mE
Hasse Dekker, Aerospace Engineering
Ir. Jiarui Mo, EEMCS
ir. M van Sluis, Aerospace Engineering
Ir. Mark Schelbergen, AE
Ir. R.B.R. van den Berge, Industrial Design Engineering
Ir. Rishikesh Joshi, Aerospace Engineering
ir. S. Broersma, Architecture
Jaap van Raamt, 3mE
Laura Chant, Aerospace Engineering
Lourenco Tercio Lima Pereira, Aerospace Engineering
Martin Klomp, MSc, 3mE
Msc. Bahareh Abdi, EEMCS
prof. dr. ir. Luuk Rietveld, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Sandra Paffen, TNW
Sara Toja Ortega, CITG
Stefan Witteman, BK
Benjamin Spitzbarth, M.Sc., Applied Science
Danielle de Jong, 3mE
Deepali Singh, Aerospace Engineering
Dr. F. Kruiswijk, TNW
Dr. ir. Annemarie Mink, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Dr. Laura Marchal-Crespo, 3mE
Dr. S. J. Hulshoff, Aerospace Engineering
Ing. M. Bus, TNW
Ir. Dylan Eijkelhof, AE
Ir. Teun Verkerk, UD Science Centre
Ir. Zimu Wei, Applied Sciences
Jorrit Bleeker, TNW
MSC Mahsa Hajivandi, Applied Sciences
Arvind Gangoli Rao, Aerospace Engineering
Donato Pinto, TNW
Dr. ir. Thomas Burdyny, TNW
Dr. Michael Meijer, TNW
Dr. Reece Lewis, TNW
Dr. Rienk Eelkema, Applied Sciences
Dr. Wim Bierbooms, Aerospace Engineer
Haider Sultan, TNW
ing. Eric de Keizer, Aerospace Engineering
ir. Azqa Nadeem, EEMCS
Ir. Mark Weijers, Applied Sciences
Ir. Valentina M. Caselli, TNW
Catholijn Jonker, EEMCS
Dr. ir. Leo Gommans, Architecture and the built environment
Dr. Jorge Martinez, EEMCS
Drs. J.C.J. Mertens, TNW
Drs. Maarten Stam, Applied Sciences
Eveline van der Veer, 3ME
Ir. Bart Bluemink, Industrial Design Engineering
Ir. Simone Silvestri, 3me
Margherita Rolandi, TNW
Msc. Silvia Polverini, ChemE
Navi Rajan, AE
Prof. dr. Jan van Esch, TNW
Dr. Andrea Sciacchitano, Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Tiago Costa, EEMCS
Emily Søderholm, EEMCS
H. Sosef, IO
Ir. Andrada Velea, EEMCS
ir. Francesc Varkevisser, EEMCS
Ir. Jence T. Mulder, Applied Sciences
Konstantina Kolovou-Kouri, EEMCS
Nicolas Kruse, EEMCS
Ronaldo Martins da Ponte, EEMCS
Adrien Nicolet, 3mE
Annet Zorge, BK
Bart van Trigt, Msc, 3mE
Carmine Varriale, MSc, Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Susanne Sleenhoff, Valorisation Centre
Dr. W. Terra, Aerospace Engineering
ing. S. A. Overtoom, 3mE
Ir. Ad Huisjes, 3ME
ir. D.M. de Jong, BK
ir. G.H.G. van der Meer, 3mE
Ir. Maria Hansch , CRE
Ir. P.L.J. Swinkels, Applied Sciences
ir. Stephan Sneijders, 3ME
ir. Wietse Bouwmeester, EEMCS
Rishikesh Sampat, Aerospace Engg
Sylvia van Opdorp, BK
ing. S. A. Overtoom, 3mE
Dr. Carissa Champlin, Technology, Policy & Management
Dr. ir. Roelof Vos, Aerospace Engineering
Dr. ir. Sten Vollebregt, EEMCS
Dr. T.A. Bogaard, Faculty o Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Ir. Jelle Snieder, 3mE
Ir. K.M.Lussenburg, 3me
M. van der Valk Bouman, BK
Msc. Bahareh Abdi, EEMCS
Srinidhi Mula, TNW
Adrian Gonzalez Nelson, Applied Sciences
Dr. A. Laskari, 3ME
Dr. Lise Magnier, Industrial Design Engineering
Dr. Nan Jiang, CiTG
Ir Nitish Anand, Aerospace
Ir. KE Rodriguez Hernandez, 3mE
Ir. M.C. Pantin Armas, Applied Sciences
MSc. F.G.Lippmann, Valorisation Centre
Dr.Ir. David Vermaas, TNW
Prof. Ir. Winy Maas, The Why Factory, Bk
ir. Sultan Cetin, BK
Dr. Odette Scharenborg, EEMCS
Dr.ir. Jasper van Kuijk, Industrial Design Engineering
Eveline Vogels, Architecture and the Built Environment
Ir. B. Knuvers, BK
Ir. Eva Legemaate, IDE
Lidwien de jong, CEG
MSc A Lex van Deudekom, BK
N. van Oosterhout, Architecture
Claire Hallewas, TU Delft Global Initiative
Dr. Reinout Kleinhans, Architecture & the Built Environment
dr. Fransje Hooimeijer, A+BE
Dr.ir. Lidy Fratila-Apachitei, 3mE
Dr. David Peck, Architecture and Built Environment
ir. P.N. ten Caat, BK
Sabine Kunst, TU Delft Library
Dr.ir. Stephan van Dijk, AMS Institute
Drs. Renee Aggenbach, Applied Sciences
Els Bet, Bouwkunde
Diana Chaykina, TNW
ir. W.A. Timmer, Aerospace Engineering
Jennifer Rodrigues Monteiro, 3ME
Dr. Franziska Glassmeier, Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Dr.ir. E.E. Alders, BK
Dr. Luisa Calabrese, BK

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