First Presbyterian Church of Caldwell Alternative Worship Service Questionnaire
The First Presbyterian Church's mission is to help all people build life-transforming relationships with God and each other.

We would appreciate your feedback in this survey in order to best tailor this service to your needs and desires.

Thank you for your thoughtful ideas.

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Would you, or someone that you know, be interested in attending an non-traditional worship service?
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Would you consider attending?
Would you be comfortable worshiping in (check all that apply)
Would you prefer
What genre of music would motivate you to attend? (check all that apply)
Would you use your cell phone during the service to (check all that apply)
Would you feel comfortable with a worship leader running the majority of the service and a pastor delivering a message?
Would you be interested in an interactive message (open discussion) ?
How often would you like communion to be served?
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What should we call this service?
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