Online Application for Defensive Driving - Class B (2-Day Course)
Welcome to the EA991 Driving Academy online application process!

Please note that for the Defensive Driving Course, you need to already have a Class B licence.

The application process will take you approximately 2 minutes to complete.

Please complete all the fields as requested, and take note that all fields marked with an * are compulsory and information is required.

It is important to indicate the month that you would like to complete the Course - so that we can allocate you to this course.

After you have completed the application process, we will be in contact with you to confirm your details and we will send you an invoice for you to make payment.

Once your registration fee or payment has been received, we will send you confirmation that you have been accepted onto the course that you have selected.

If you are experiencing any difficulty or have queries regarding this application - please email or call us on 390 6399

By completing this application, you agree that you have willingly provided the information to EA991 Driving Academy and agree to abide by the terms and conditions.

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