WSHKEP'2021 Program Application Form
The WSHKEP2021 Program is an initiative that aims to provide assistance to start-ups operating in Rwanda by providing access to quality infrastructure as well as tailor-made services to support their business growth.

Before proceeding, please be guided by the instructions below. Your application consists of two sections. Section 1 is your Application Form wherein your team will need to provide basic information relating to your startup, your idea and your team’s profile. Once done with this section, you will be asked to invite your team lead to write their individual responses to Section 2, the Personal Form.
Name of your startup *
How did you hear about the program?
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In one sentence, describe your startup. (20 word limit)
What stage best describes your startup?
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How long has your business been registered in Rwanda?
What is your product or service? (Describe your product or service. What value are you offering for the market? Discuss in 200 words or less.)
What are your main revenue streams? (Discuss in 200 words or less)
Who are your customers? (Who will be your customers and target market? What is the estimated size of your target market? Have you tested your idea to your target customers? If so how, i.e, survey, focus groups, interview, etc)? Discuss in 200 words or less).
Who are your closest competitors and what makes you different from them? (Please elaborate on your existing or potential competitors and your competitive advantages? If you have current strategic partnerships or assets, please also describe. Discuss in 200 words or less.)
What are the licenses required to operate in your domain of activity ? Do you have any of these licenses (Discuss in 200 words or less)
Do you have past experience working together as a team? (Discuss in 100 words or less)
Does any of your members have prior experience in your domain of activity?
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If yes, please provide more details
What challenges do you expect in executing your idea? (What potential threats, risks and challenges will you be facing? Discuss in 200 words or less)
Where do you see your startup in 3 years? (Please describe in terms of scale, market size and geographical reach as well as revenues. Discuss in 50 words or less)
Have you read, understood and accepted our Terms and Conditions? This is important. (Follow up dialog box to require user to read terms and conditions)
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Please provide your basic information and required responses to the character questions below. Name, Age, City, Country, Mobile, LinkedIn, Email *
What do you bring to your startup? (Describe your proposed role in this startup and what makes you the ideal startup founder to lead this startup. Discuss in 100 words or less)
Please explain how your past experiences will help you succeed in this endeavour (Discuss in 100 words or less)
How did you overcome your most significant failure in life? (Discuss in 100 words or less)
How did you achieve your most significant accomplishment? (Discuss in 100 words or less.) Discuss a time when you defied common norms and achieved something great and of value. (Discuss in 100 words or less)
Describe your entrepreneurial experience. (Have you ever had an experience working in a startup as an employee or the founder? Please enumerate and provide details including your role, relevant dates, status, links or website of the startup. (Discuss in 100 words or less)
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