Answering the questions does not mean you endorse the parking rules, so please answer each specific question about the sign and put your overall comments and commentary in the comments section at the end. Thank you for your feedback!!
TOP OF THE SIGN: "Free Up To 2 Hour Parking Session" - Explain what you think that means.
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MID SIGN:Once per day; On all Streets; No re-parking: Explain what you think those mean.
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Overall this sign communicates WHEN the parking "rules" /restrictions apply?
Overall this sign communicates WHERE these rules apply?
Overall this sign communicates how to pay for parking (if desired) in the area governed by this sign?
Using THIS SIGN to answer and NOT any rules you think are currently in affect - You park for 45 minutes from 9am to 9:45am in an on street parking space governed by this sign then leave Downtown. You come back Downtown at 2pm. Which of the following are true? (check all that you think are correct)
Overall general comment here:
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