Rewritten Fairytales
 ★·.·★ R.F. works exclusively with modern retellings loosely based on public domain stories.  ★·.·★

Description: These particular collections are list-your own multi-author series, where each author lists their own book and can view sales and directly receive their royalties. In order to maintain a cohesive appearance, the buy-in includes a graphics package, proofreading & formatting, a social media planner and post script, and a budget for marketing.

Goal: Exposure

The Details are a secret, but we can tell you this:
★ There must be an HEA (no cliffhangers)
★ Crowned is a royal contemporary romance. All sub-genres welcome as long as they have a modern day royal  in the everyday world.
★Malefactor is a semi-shared fantasy world that will have prompts that must appear in the story (these are minor) and shouldn't affect your plot points.

What else can we say?
★ Be creative and innovative, get inspired by the OG fairytale ★

Content must be suitable for 16+, no erotica
Steamy *jalapeños* are fine.

★Release Date★
Crowned - Fall 2022
Malefactor- Fall 2023
(dates are subject to change upon voting system)

Buy-in details:
The total buy in for Crowned is $325 and split between THREE payments. Funds will be directly allocated toward the items. The first $125 is due in order to choose your fairytale at the time of entry. The second is due approximately six-eight months before proofing begins. The third three months prior to release date.

The tax buy in for Malefactor is $375 and split between THREE payments. Funds will be directly allocated toward the items. The first $125 is due in order to choose your fairytale at the time of entry. The second is due approximately six-eight months before proofing begins. The third three months prior to release date.


★Graphics: Individual e-book Cover, Series Logo if applicable, Series Graphics, 2 individual Teasers per book and 1 flat-lay, Release Graphics, Social Media Banner-Series, Series Promotional Graphics, title image, & 3D book mock ups per book.

★Formatting up to 35k

★Organizational: social media planner + easy copy and paste scripts, website maintenance
★Editorial: Proofreading up to 35k (must be professionally edited beforehand!)

★Advertising/Promotional: Blog Tour (normally, via Enticing Journeys), Giveaways , PA Assistance for promoting

Editor options, RF has excellent and professional editors on staff who work at discounted rates of $.0035 per word per round. Samples are happily provided. (This is optional and not included in the buy-in and IS ONLY applicable toward this collection)

(1) author must be willing to have open communication and check in to the group at least once a week (until closer to the date of release). Please, no ghosting!
(2) novella must be inspired by public domain story, no exceptions.
(3) author must have Newsletter, GR, Instagram and Facebook
(4) must be kind and respectful and willing to work in a team, since this is a group effort.
(5) author most promote collection and follow the social media planner.

★What to expect from the organizer★
(1) the organizer will be transparent about funds and where they are allocated.
(2) alternative options may be brought up to the organizer and the organizer is open to contructive feedback in order to better help the author and collection.
(3) the organizer may be available for brainstorming.
(4) contract will be sent once spots have been filled: It will state that you retain your copyrights and that you've written a book free of any unlawful actions.
(5) the organizer will create a google drive/folder for each access to graphics.

Please note: No fairytales will be held or reserved. If chosen to participate, fairytales are on a first come first serve basis in order to avoid confusion.  There are also no guarantees on sales or that filling out this form reserves a spot. PUBLIC DOMAIN inspirations only— this means the original fairytale and no modern day recreations. Anything over the 35k word count will be charged at $.003 per word for both proofing and formatting.

Paperback cover can be added on for an additional $45.

If  you leave after the first instalment of the buy-in but before the second, you will not receive a refund but you will get the e-cover (without the collection tags) and are free to use it, but not resell, redistribute, and/or transfer to a different pen name. No alterations are included in this value. If the cover has not yet been made or the design process has not started, you may opt to receive a voucher from the designer for the discounted value of the cover. Terms and conditions may apply. After the second, no refunds or vouchers are issued. Commitment is required.

LATE FEES: When an invoice is issued, it must be paid by the time sent (normally 2 weeks). If for any reason this is not paid and a reason has not been communicated, the author may lose the right to certain items such as proofing or formatting, or in some cases graphics. Please be prompt to avoid these issues.


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Please read the following statement: I, the author reading this, am applying to this seriously and am committed to being part of a team. I understand that in order to have access to the "Glue Factor" of the collection, I have to be in the group and my first invoice paid. I also agree not to divulge any information until the official announcements are made by the team. Sneak peeks for fan bases are acceptable. If for any reason, I have to leave the collection, I agree to non-compete. This means I will not create, publish, organize, or recruit for a similar collection/series until after the term of these collections end." *
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