Welcome Professionals to the RLDC Committee Application!
We are excited to have SHPE OC and SHPE UCI host the 2019 Regional Leadership Development Conference!

Below you will find the available positions and responsibilities.

In the following sections, you will be asked to select a desired position and some questions for us to get to know you better. We may request a phone interview just for clarity on some subjects.

RLDC Committee Positions and Responsibilities
* All positions will have one professional and one student chair.
We hope that this pairing will provide mentorship opportunities.

*All Committee members are required to attend weekly meetings via teleconference.

Education Chair:
Shall be responsible for identifying potential speakers and facilitators for the RLDC workshops and events, and managing the budget and logistics associated with booking and transporting the potential speaker to the conference.

Corporate Relations Chair:
Shall be responsible for acquiring sponsors for the RLDC. This person shall organize and interact with all corporate sponsors and their representatives before, during and after the RLDC.

Logistics Chair:
Shall be responsible for working with the hotels and conference centers to
(1) make sure conference participants have adequate transportation between the hotels and conference venues, and
(2) working with the hotel and conference facilities people to make each seminar room is set up appropriately, including audio visual equipment, for each RLDC activity (e.g., workshop, panel, etc.).

Marketing Chair:
Shall be responsible for managing the conference website and all associate marketing efforts/materials, pre-, during-, and post-conference for attendees. This person shall prepare the event program guide and including the placement of corporate advertisements in conference materials.

RLDC Committee Application Deadline: Friday, August 3rd, 2018
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