ACE Great Basin Ranger Corps Application 2020
The American Conservation Experience (ACE) and the National Park Service are seeking individuals for the Ranger Corps program at Great Basin National Park. The Ranger Corps experience allows teens (ages 15-18) the opportunity to learn about different careers in the National Park Service (NPS) and gain work experience in environmental restoration and conservation. The program is challenging, educational, fun, and offers participants opportunities to expand their horizons while building skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. No previous park experience is required, but a willingness and ability to work in a physically active outdoor program, get along well with others, and maintain a positive attitude are essential for success.

Ranger Corps Internships are for 320 hours. Ranger Corps interns will work together with an ACE Crew Leader on a variety of projects throughout Great Basin National Park regarding ranger programs and community education and outreach. Ranger Corps interns will work in a variety of weather and terrain conditions while completing projects that may include:

-Providing formal ranger programs to the public regarding the natural and cultural resources of the park, including interpretative cave tours
-Providing general park information to visitors while roving hiking trails
-Leading and/or assisting with onsite and in-the-classroom education programs
-Participating in special community events

Ranger Corps interns may assist with Park communication and outreach projects including:

-Updating and adding content to the park’s website
-Monitoring and updating the park’s social media sites
-Assisting with writing outreach articles and press releases

Additional projects may also include: trail construction and/or campground stewardship; habitat restoration; and working with the visiting public. Ranger Corps interns will also spend time participating in resource education, recreation, and NPS and other agency career orientation activities.

Schedule and Benefits: The Ranger Corps Program will begin May 18, 2020 and participants will have a year to complete their hours. Corps members will be expected to work 16-24 hours a week during the school break and can work up to 40 hours a week. If needed, Corp members can work Saturdays or Sundays during the school year. Corps members will be paid a living allowance of $11 an hour, with $100 bonuses for each benchmark number of hours completed (100 hour; 220 hours, 320 hours). Corps members must provide their own transportation, lunch, water and water bottle, and durable work-wear (6-inch sturdy hiking boots and long pants). ACE will be providing work shirts and hats.

The Ranger Corps Program at Great Basin National Park does not provide on-site housing accommodations for participants. All participants will need to have local housing arrangements and be able to provide reliable transportation to-and-from the Great Basin National Park Visitor Center for each internship service day. The Great Basin National Park Visitor Center is located at 100 Great Basin National Park, Baker, Nevada, 89311.
Great Basin National Park Ranger Corps Program
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The ACE Ranger Corps Program will begin in May and you will have a year to complete your 320 hours. While school is in session, you will be asked to work two Saturdays a month, and during the school break, you will be asked to work 16-24 hours a week. Hours can be scheduled more flexibly to account for any time you are unavailable, as long as you give the park two weeks' notice of any absences. Are there any periods of time within this schedule where you know you will be unavailable? If yes, please explain how many days you would be unable to work and reason for unavailability. *
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