2021 Side By Side Fellowship and Mission to Israel
For the 4th year Hillel Milwaukee is offering its Side by Side Fellowship and mission trip to Israel!

The Side By Side Fellowship and Mission to Israel is more than just a trip.
This is an opportunity for YOU, Jewish and non-Jewish student leaders, to help create your own Israel experience.

This is a deep dive into Israel as you have never witnessed. We're bringing Jewish and non-Jewish student leaders to Israel to educate them about Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: shining an international light on the complexities and nuance, in an immersive and experiential way. You will hear from Israel's most innovative industry leaders, meet with Palestinian activists, tour Israel and Palestinian territories and so much more!

We believe that by presenting you, the students, the opportunity to explore and develop your own Israel connections, you will be empowered to bring it back to campus and continue to grow as vibrant, committed leaders in our community.

The Side By Side Mission will be Summer 2021: May 26- June 5, and will be open to all UWM and Marquette student leaders to apply.

This trip is FULLY SUBSIDIZED by Hillel Milwaukee! Students will be expected to pay a $250 deposit* that will be refunded upon completion of the mission's requirements. (*If you want to apply but worry about the financial aspect, please reach out to Shaked, shaked@hillelmke.org)

*The applicant must be a full time student at UW-Milwaukee or Marquette University. (Priority goes to undergraduate student leaders)
*The applicant must be a student leader in a registered student organization and/or have strong influence on campus.
*The applicant can not graduate before May 2022 and must be on campus through Spring of 2022.
*If Jewish, the student must not be eligible for Birthright Israel (either applicant has been on Birthright Israel, or is not eligible for Birthright Israel).


MANDATORY Requirements:
*Participation in 4 pre - mission orientations (Dated and times TBA).
*Participation in 2 post -- mission sessions (dates and times TBD by group).
*Committed to participating in 2-3 group leadership initiatives on campus during the 2021-2022 school year.

Space is limited and students will be selected upon completion of the registration and a personal interview.
Hillel will select the students that will be the best fit for the mission.


Registrations are due NO LATER than Friday, Dec. 18th.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Hillel Milwaukee Staff:
Shaked Ram, Israel Campus Fellow- shaked@hillelmke.org
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