Welcome to e-NABLE (supported by the Enable Community Foundation)

You have found your way to a magical place where volunteers from all over the world collaborate to make dreams come true. Whether you're here to receive help, offer help, or both...welcome! This form is for both volunteers and potential hand recipients.

e-NABLE is a global community of volunteers developing affordable and accessible assistive technologies such as 3D printed hands. We provide free support and self-help tools so individuals and communities can create devices for themselves.

The standard "e-NABLE Hand" is completely mechanical (no motors!). When you bend your wrist, thin cables anchored to the forearm pull the fingers and thumb inward to grip and hold. When your wrist relaxes, flexible cords pull the fingers back to a resting posture. If the standard design is not appropriate, other designs are available. The "e-NABLE Arm" (for a forearm with elbow, but no wrist) is powered by elbow or shoulder movement and will be available soon. Motorized arms are under development.

You can use this form to give us some basic information, to get on our waiting lists, or to help us development ever-better enabling technologies.

Please use this form to give us some basic information. You will receive a Welcome Email with further instructions shortly after completion of this form. Please save the email for future reference.

If you are a volunteer, please go to http://www.enablecommunityfoundation.org/get-involved/build-a-hand/ for more information on getting started.

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