Earn 222 PAD ( 10$ ) for completing simple Tasks!
Contest Dates: 11/10/2019 - 20/02/2020
Maximum Number of participants: 100,000


1. Like and comment positive about padoscoin project in icoholder (
2. Follow Padoscoin in linkedin (
3. Like Padoscoin in Facebook FansPage (
4. Follow our official twitter, retweet with comment positive at pinned messages, using hastag (#padoscoin) and tags 5 your friends (
5. Subscribe youtube and view the videos until end (
6. Join our official group in telegram, ADD YOUR FRIENDS at least 5 persons, stay active and comment at least 3 times in one day (
7. Take a screenshot your Retweet and send it to (

In order to qualify for the airdrop you need to stay in groups till end of the contest.

*** Airdrop participant in phase 1 can't joining on the airdrop program.
** You can join on airdrop phase 2 if you haven't received email confirmations in phase 1.
** Please note that bots and users with suspicios activity will be disqualified.
** Please send your screenshot of twitter correctly.
** We will check our airdrop campaign manually.
Example take a screenshot of retweet
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