SWMMBA Volunteer Reporting Hours 2017
Please complete this form in order to report time spent working on SWMMBA-maintained trails and organizational projects. If you have any questions about this form please send a message to amy@swmmba.com. Please review the liability waiver before agreeing below: http://swmmba.com/images/stories/news/RELEASE_OF_LIABILITY_AND_COVENANT_NOT_TO_SUE_-_dble_side.pdf

Name? *
Please enter the full name (first and last names) for the individual who is reporting volunteer hours.
Email Address?
Please enter the aforementioned person's email address. This will not be distributed to any other parties; it is only needed in case we have questions or to obtain clarification about work performed.
Which Trail or Activity? *
Which trail or activity was this work performed in support of?
When was this work performed? *
Please enter the date on which this work was performed in MM/DD/YYYY format.
How much time was spent? *
Please enter the amount of time spent performing this work in decimal fractions of an hour (eg: 2.5 hours, 1.25 hours, 6.5 hours, etc).
Was this trail work or administrative support? *
Trail work is direct, tools-on-trails work. Administrative Support is meeting with land managers, mapping trails, etc.
Describe the work performed. *
Please enter a brief description of work performed.
Was this work part of an organized SWMMBA trail day? *
Did the person named above (you, or someone on who's behalf you are submitting work hours) agree to the terms of the MMBA Liability Waiver?
If no, this work was not performed under SWMMBA's guidelines and thereby cannot be recorded as official SWMMBA volunteer hours.
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