2017 Buffalo County Fair Foods Revue
Date: July 17th, 2017
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Event Location: Alliance Bank Basement, Mondovi, WI
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Please Read Before Checking What You Plan to Enter
CLOVERBUDS—Healthy Fun Food Character Snack. No place setting. (for ribbons only)

EXPLORERS—Healthy Food Item and recipe card. No place setting. (for ribbons only)

(Level 1) - Junior. Healthy food item or single serving pizza with printed recipe. No place setting necessary.

(Level 2) - Junior. One dish meal or healthy appetizer with printed recipe card and menu on separate sheets. No place setting necessary.

(Level 3) - Intermediate. One serving of healthy main dish or breakfast dish, place setting appropriate for the meal in which your food will be served, printed meal menu and printed recipe card on separate sheets. No centerpiece.

(Level 4) - Advanced. Complete meal or complete meal with international theme and place setting appropriate for the meal in which your food will be served with printed meal menu with your food item listed and printed recipe card on separate sheets. Centerpiece should be included.

(Level 1) - Microwave snack or 3 slices single serve pizza with printed recipe.

(Level 2) - Microwave appetizer on appropriate platter, one serving dessert or 3 pieces of candy with printed recipe.

(Level 3) - Microwave main dish or recreated main dish with printed recipe.
Please Check What Categories You Are Entering.
Please pay close attention to the lots listed. Enter in lots by grade of exhibitor as of January 1, 2017 .
Please Bring Samples With You To the Foods Revue.
In addition to the food item to be judged each participant is encouraged to bring small samples of each of his/her food item(s) to share with fellow participants and audience members.
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