TMSA Board Meeting Public Comment Request Form
Dear TMSA Community,

TMSA Board of Directors conducts meetings virtually until further notice due to the pandemic. You can make a public comment on TMSA board meetings in one of two ways:

1) Live Virtual Public Comments on Zoom: Members of the public, who would like to voice their opinions in the public comment section of the meeting, need to complete and submit the form for the applicable meeting date.
-- To ensure that you will be recognized, your Zoom profile name *MUST* be the same as the one you provide in this form.
-- TMSA Board will call on each person by name as seen on the form in the order submitted.
-- Comments will be limited to three (3) minutes.
-- The form will be active until the start time of the applicable meeting.
2) Written Public Comments: Those who do not wish to speak to the Board virtually can submit their written comments through the form below for the applicable meeting date. These comments might be read aloud in the public comment section of the meeting.

Members of the public can access the meeting agenda two days before the stated meeting day. Please follow the link below to access the meeting agenda:

Please note that speakers' identity and their comments are recorded in the official minutes of the TMSA Public Charter Schools, which might be shared online and are publicly available in perpetuity.

TMSA Board of Directors appreciates your comment in any form. Your input will help us meet the challenge of becoming the best public charter school district in North Carolina. Thank you for taking the time to submit your comments.


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