Life & Law Survey
Please note that this survey has 3 mandatory questions (that are open-ended and intended to allow you to give me your full feedback).

There are also a couple of optional questions thereafter that I'd be grateful if you would consider filling out. These will give me more insight into my audience.

Regardless of which/how many questions you choose to answer, I'm sincerely grateful for your input (thank you!).


Heather Moulder
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1. What have you enjoyed most about the Life & Law Podcast? *
2. What topics would you like to see covered or questions do you have that you'd like answered in future episodes of the Life & Law Podcast? Please be as specific as possible. *
3. What would you like less of (or do you like least about) the Life & Law Podcast? Please don't hold back, as this will help me make the podcast better moving forward. *
4. How long have you been practicing law and what's your current role (i.e., 3rd year associate in an AmLaw 100 firm, equity partner in a mid-sized firm with 15 years of experience, senior counsel in a Fortune 500 company with 8 years of experience, etc.)? Feel free to let me know your current status + background.
5. How did you find the Life & Law Podcast?
6. What other podcasts do you regularly listen to?
7. Which option BEST describes how often you listen to the Life & Law Podcast?
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8. What else would you like Heather to know?
10. Would you like either (or both) of the Life & Law Roadmap or the Client Development Blueprint? If so, please indicate which one(s) and leave your email address below. NOTE: you'll also be signing up for Heather's weekly email newsletter.
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