Equality New York Volunteer Application
The success of Equality New York (EQNY) relies on volunteers like you.

EQNY is a small (but mighty) grassroots organization that works to advance the lives of all LGBTQI New Yorkers. As a statewide organization we have a lot of ground to cover. From get out the vote (GOTV) campaigns and candidate phone banks to exhibiting at a local pride festival or event, all our volunteers contribute to us making New York a safer and just place for all LGBTQI individuals.

Below, you can find multiple opportunities to get involved:

1. The EQNY Field Team focuses on mobilizing for LGBTQI rights in their local communities and districts. The EQNY Field Team works on advancing local initiatives, all while building a network of like minded people in your area. 

Field Leader(s) are in charge of empowering and mobilizing their local field team. 
*In order to be a Field Leader you must attend one or more of Equality New York’s LGBTQI Advocacy Institutes.

2. Equality New York (EQNY) Ambassadors help recruit and retain members through strategic networking and marketing of initiatives and programs.  EQNY Ambassadors are committed to joining a group of like minded people that come together both in person and online to advance the lives of LGBTQI New Yorkers by spreading information and knowledge about ways to get involved in local and state level policy and politics.

EQNY Ambassadors receive training, supervision, and mentorship on brand awareness and leadership skills. 

3. Individuals who become an Advocacy & Policy Volunteers help put on Equality New York’s most iconic event, LGBTQI Advocacy Day. The Advocacy & Policy Volunteers help with content, support, logistics, and more.
Advocacy & Policy Volunteers partner with our Organizational Coalition Members who make up 80+ New York State organizations that work year around to advance the lives of LGBTQI individuals. Build your network and help mobilize over 400+ people on the biggest LGBTQI lobby day in Albany, New York.

 Any questions can be directed to general@equalityny.org

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