Lewis and Clark Public Health QPR Post-training Survey
Please provide the following information AFTER the Gatekeeper Training. The anonymous information you provide will be used to assess the effectiveness of the QPR training.

Your email address will be kept confidential and will not be used in any reporting. We are asking for your email address in order to combine your pre-training survey and post-training survey results.

Please enter the same email address you used in the pre-training survey.
Email *
Now that you have received the QPR Gatekeeper Training, please indicate how you would rate your knowledge of suicide in the following areas: *
Facts concerning suicide prevention
Warning signs of suicide
How to ask someone about suicide
Persuading someone to get help
How to get help for someone
Information about local resources for help with suicide
Do you feel that asking someone about suicide is appropriate?
Do you feel likely to ask someone if they are thinking of suicide?
Now that you have taken today's training, how would you rate your confidence in the following areas? *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
I feel confident in my level of understanding about suicide, suicide prevention and mental health.
I can recognize the signs a person may be dealing with a mental health problem, or suicidal crisis.
I feel prepared to help a person at-risk of suicide.
I can help a person who may be dealing with a mental health problem, or suicidal crisis by connecting them with resources.
I feel confident in my ability to recognize and correct mistaken beliefs about mental health, suicide, and mental illness as I come across them.
Please provide your OVERALL rating of this quality of this training. *
Would you recommend QPR training to others? *
May we contact you in six months to inquire how the training has impacted you? The information you provide will help inform the future of this project. *
If yes, what is your name, phone number, and email?
If you are interested in participating in any additional training, please visit lcsuicideprevention.org/about/training-opportunities/ or email jhegstrom@lccountymt.gov.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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