Off Campus Volunteer Hours 2018-2019
Thank you for all you put in to benefit Fox students and our community. By tracking and logging your volunteer hours, you help Fox PTA maintain our non-profit, tax exempt status, meet our reporting obligations, and allow Fox PTA to understand the value/cost of its programs.

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Why log hours?
1. Tracking and recording volunteer hours helps PTA to maintain its federal tax exempt status [non-profit 501(C.)(3) ]. An organization granted nonprofit charitable status must receive one-third of its support from the general public, and that may include service hours expended in carrying out the purposes of the organization. It assists with demonstrating the value of volunteer contributions.

2. California State PTA requires a report of volunteer hours and its commissions and committees use the information as guidelines for review and revision of programs, publications, projects, and leadership training. The volunteer hour numbers are used to raise the awareness of legislators, school, and community personnel.

3. To ensure time and funds are well spent it is helpful to understand just how much we are investing in a particular program and how much is needed to make it a success.

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