Be Woman Sacred Arts

“Reflection. Connection. Protection. Find your voice and shine.”

Dear Woman, we encourage you to unravel your creative expression. Share your voice. Sing it. Paint it. Speak it. Dance it. In whatever way you express, share with us your sacred art.

Reflect upon yourself, upon the feminine principle, and connect with us. Let us be inspired by your voice, your heart and your vision. You are safe here in the circle of sacred sisterhood, resting in the one heart we all share.

Name and where you are from.
Share your sacred art (if it is a poem, write it here)
Share your sacred art (if it is song, a video, upload it here)
Short text about you and your art
What is your value of being a woman and having a sisterhood?
Contact details; emails, web, facebook, instagram, youtube etc.
Please share your photo with us.
Thank you for taking the time dear sister!
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