Day to Play program
Event Timing: Starting May 3 2021
10-1 Alberta Time/ 9-12 BC Time
Event Address: Baytree Alberta
Contact us at 250-784-8969
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Child's date of birth *
Does your child have any allergies? Food, or anything we need to know. Do they need an epi pen? *
This program takes place Mondays and Wednesday starting May 2 2021. What days for May will your child be attending? This is a monthly sign up process, in that you need to select and prepay the dates before commencing each month's enrollment. *
I understand that this a mainly outdoor learning activity, and that my child will need appropriate clothing and footwear. *
I have completed the risk acknowledgment form and understand that any work with horses has a certain amount of risk. I also understand that there will not be any horseback riding in this program. *
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I will allow images of my child to be taken and used in print or electronically by Force- Action in Development/ Brianne Hingley *
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