NEW Food Forum: Local Foods Mapping Project
"A food system is the journey your food takes to get from its source to your plate, including: growing, processing, distribution, consumption and disposal." -San Diego Food System Alliance

New Leaf Foods is committed to building a regenerative, sustaining and equitable food system in our northeast Wisconsin community. The NEW Food Forum is a New Leaf Foods initiative consisting of food and health businesses and organizations partnering to identify the entities in our working local food system and strengthen the relationships within it. The first project of the NEW Food Forum has become a Local Foods Mapping Project.

What brings everyone together is the ultimate goal to have a healthy and just local foods system and economy, in which all entities are successful.

To do that, let's start by seeing who is already at the table by answering the questions:
1. What do you do?
2. Where do you do it?

The purpose of the Local Foods Mapping Project is to connect people and organizations who grow and make food locally with those who use, sell, need and want it in our local economy.

This is an inclusive project, so please share the survey link with other businesses and organizations whose work fits into the scope of northeast Wisconsin's local food system. To be considered "local" for this project, FARMS must have customers in Brown Co. and be located within 50 miles of the county line (the NEW North definition of northeast WI); BUYERS must be sourcing any volume of locally grown or Brown Co. processed product; for BUSINESSES/ORGANIZATIONS/AGENCIES the majority of customers, clients, sales, or target audience must be within Brown Co.

Types of entities in the local supply chain are including but not limited to: Growers > Distributors > Retail > Processors > Educators > Restaurants > Institutional Buyers > Farmers Markets > Pantries > Health and Wellness Professionals > Other Advocates...

To see the product of the mapping project so far check out:

Thank you for you participation,
The NEW Food Forum team

P.S. Here are a few examples of how the NEW Food Forum mapping project can lead to more productive food systems work:
1. A grocery retail meets a producer who can take the green scraps for composting.
2. A farmer finds a pantry that is in a convenient location and will take overages of produce, including seconds and thirds.
3. A producer finds a distributor with accessible, rentable cold-storage.
4. Food waste recovery composting system
5. A preparation facility that wants to connect with local producers.
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